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Unknown Facts About LA Confidential – strain – DNA Genetics – Cannapedia

According to Amsterdam’s DNA Genes, LA Confidential is an “Indica” that provides heavy sedation with energetic undertones. A cross between OG LA Affie and Afghani. The stress won a number of awards, consisting of High Times’ Pressure of the Year in 2006, 1st Indica at High Times’ Cannabis Cup in 2008, and 1st Indica at IC420 Breeders Cup in 2005.

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Not known Details About Strain Review: LA Confidential (OG LA Affie x Afghani) – The

I totally love the La Confidential. Sticky, fragrant with hints of hash, skunk and pine. It is genuinely a masterpiece. Go Here For the Details is warm, fuzzy and really relax but with huge bursts of energy and terrific cravings to follow. To all those cannabis fanatics, do not miss on this wonderful pressure.

Posted March 20, 2021, 6:06 p. m.

The Greatest Guide To LA Confidential Weed Strain Review 2021 – The Cannigma

LA Confidential Stress Summary L.A. Confidential is an almost pure Indica stress which provides its users a sedating and relaxing high. It can also assist to boost and elate, making it a terrific choice for those with depression or stress and anxiety. In regards to taste, this strain smells like skunk, but oddly, tastes absolutely nothing like it.

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Understood for being especially popular in the ever-sunny city of Los Angeles, California, and a favorite of rap artists such as Cypress Hill and Snoop Dogg, L.A. Confidential takes on its Southern California roots being named after the city that loves it. Although it originated in this center of The Golden State that is lively and complete of energy, the cannabis type is finest conserved for after hours when you are already prepared to rest, to and possibly even to have fun with a few of the slightly psychoactive impacts that “L.A.C.” is known to create.

Little Known Questions About LA Confidential – Royal Kush – Lifted.

LA Confidential may sit on the more sleepy side of the weed spectrum, but it is still healthy with an unique attitude, unlike numerous cannabis types readily available on the market. Keep reading to find what all the hype is about in our LA Confidential cannabis pressure total evaluation, What is the L.A.

Its results definitely seem to weigh greatly towards indica, since this weed is infamous for putting its consumers into either deep relaxation mode, or simply put them straight to sleep. This cannabis type is certainly effective, for it does not, which stands at around 18-25% typically in performed lab tests.

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